Another Life Stage

Today is day 8 of 2015. Much is changing in America and the World.

The French have just experienced terrorism at its’ worst. Not that any terrorism can be classified as good. Islam, a completely man made religion without a God, is the cause of so much suffering in the world.

We here in America are still living with the worst President in Americian history. More and more people are realizing what a mistake the voters made in 2008 and 2012. Our Imperial President rules by the lie and is worst that we even could have imagined in 2008.

It finally happened…

hard-drive-recoveryIt is never a good idea to think “it can’t happen to me”. Here are the dirty details. Monday morning when I got up I noticed the power had been off. How you say? The clock on the kitchen stove was blinking. I was not to concerned at this time since everything else seemed to be normal.

Fast forward to Monday night when I power up my Mac Pro and it doesn’t boot properly. I worked until I finally got it going but the “Rainbow Circle of Death” kept spinning all night. I did the normal troubleshooting steps and called it quits around midnight. Of course my mind was constantly running through steps I would try when I go had Ms. Mac Pro in my hands again. Tuesday night I retraced my steps making sure I touched all of the trigger points for an OSX problem, i.e. permissions, font caches, preferences issues but …… nothing.

zombieI finally arrived at the “Reinstall Lion” stage.  After one and a half hours of reinstall I get a message “THIS DRIVE IS DAMAGED AND CAN NOT BE REPAIRED”.  Panic set in as I had NOT backed up my documents folder which is home to all of my Final Cut 7 project files. I held my breath as I rebooted to another drive. The install had kindly moved all my Applications and Document files to a “safe zone”.

It is now Wednesday night and I discover that the power surge worldbackupdayfriendSunday night killed the drive. I am now working on the complete rebuild of my drive. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to place the saved files in a backup file, formatted my Snow Leopard drive, and now I sit waiting anxiously to see how long the rebuilt will take. Check back tomorrow night for funeral services for the old drive.

As 2013 prepares to fade into history…..

2013-14It’s hard to believe that another year is coming to an end. I just noticed I went a full year without a single post; so much for my plans to be regular with “I was just thinking”. Now, I had the best of intentions but my follow-through – didn’t.

I might as well spend the next several nights reviewing what happened , in my opinion, in 2013 – a year marked by the continued fall of the US from a position of world importance. The “Yes We Can” of Barrack Obama has become the “But We Don’t Know How” that has marked his presidency.

I have no intend of being disrespectful to our President, I just want to practice a little “freedom of speech”. If you catch me not being truthful, call me out please.


Responsibility Based Heath Care (RBHC)

In order to change the Heath Care debate we need to focus away from rights without responsibility. Our constitution was never meant to provide free services without responsibility. Rights do not exist without someone fighting to defend them and citizens being willing to pay their fair share.

Everyone would be covered under some heath care plan. People currently happy with their insurance will be able to retain it. People without coverage would use a graduated plan from a minimum amount to 100% of the premium. Small businesses should receive help from the heath care fund to cover workers making less than $20.00 per hour.

I have been thinking about the problems of paying for health care for everyone. One of the problems I see is the cost associated with lifestyles each person chooses. The current ObamaCare Healthcare Plan makes no effort to reward people for living a health conscious life style. Should people who make an effort to eat right, exercise, and avoid lifestyles that impact their health pay less for health insurance? What do you think of a plan that would work sometime like this:

The costs below would be paid by 100% of the population. These fees and fines would go into the General Healthcare Fund to pay for people who can not afford insurance costs. The increase co-pays and deductibles could be charged by any insurance company to the people who desire to keep their current provider. The amounts recovered from the lifestyle choices would reduce the costs for the other enrollees in the health plan. Companies would be encouraged to recruit people living healthy lifestyles. Much in the same way car insurance companies charge drivers with poor driving records, medical insurance companies would charge a premium for lifestyle choices.

Paying for alcohol and drug heath costs:

  1. Increase financial costs for DUI – 10% of your yearly income – $1000.00 minimun NO maximum
  2. Confiscation of vehicle
  3. 160 hours community service at a detention or prison facility
  4. All monies confiscated in drug arrests go to health care fund
  5. Greatly increase fines for recreation drug use
  6. Increase co-pay and deducible amounts for convinced drug/alcohol users
  7. Require yearly drug screening for anyone who wants to quality for “drug-free medical rates”
  8. Increase taxes on all alcohol products including beer
  9. Increase fines for underage drinking 18-21
  10. Fine parents for underage 18 drinking
  11. Require liability insurance for any establishment that serves more alcohol that food.
Paying for Smoking related health costs:
  1. Increase taxes on tobacco products – require a portion of the current tax to go to the health care fund
  2. Higher co-pay and deducible for smokers
  3. Pay incentives to tobacco farmers who convert to other healthy crops

Sexual life style costs

  1. Increase co-pay and deducible for people with std’s
  2. Increase fines for people convinced  for sexual abuse

Criminal activity

  1. Charge people who physically attack someone with 100% of medically required treatment both for themselves and the person they injured

Tort Reform

  1. In any medical malpractice suit allow lawyers to collect no more than 10-15%, 25% goes back into health care fund, remainder to the injured party
  2. Heavy fines for people who file improper suits without merit

Obesity related health care

  1. Tax incentives for weight lose – you can deduct membership in health clubs
  2. Free nutritional  counseling
  3. Three year grace period to lose weight before increased co-pay and increase deducible kick in

These ideas are just a starting place. I am sure they could be simplified into a general lifestyle choices. Of course, people who live in poverty often make the poorest choices in lifestyle. Programs should be developed that encourage making wise decisions on tobacco and alcohol  products, sexual activity, and criminal activity. Private companies should do most of this work.

Pray for our leaders

Join me as I pray for healing for our nation:

Heavenly Father we ask you to bless the leaders of the United States. Give President Obama and Vice-President Biden wisdom and discernment as they lead our nation into a new season. Bless their families and all their advisers as they deal with the challenges facing the United States of America. We ask blessing over all of our elected leaders serving in Washington DC. Please give them a new sense of cooperation to work for solutions that benefit our citizens. May your will be done in all areas of our government. We ask that you use our national leaders to heal the division that so often separates our people. We pray blessings over all of your children you have placed in positions of responsibility. Please protect them from those who try to cause division.

Now all glory to God, who is able to keep us from falling away and will bring us with great joy into his glorious presence without a single fault. All glory to him who alone is God, our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord. All glory, majesty, power, and authority are his before all time, and in the present, and beyond all time! Amen.

We will not compromise

This is a great Christian view of the recent election. We have been called to such a time as this. We believe in the power of prayer and the love of Jesus Christ. We have nothing to fear when we put our faith in the power of Jesus Christ.

The is a clip from today’s Lifenotes Class at Christ Church Nashvile.

Share this video with everyone. We stand on His promises. We will love those who hate us, pray for those who lead us, and stand shoulder to shoulder when necessary to defend our faith. We will not compromise on these three things……

Let’s quit talking about being “inclusive”


The Democratic Party likes to think of itself has the “inclusive” party. They pride themselves on “opening the doors” to everyone. They have ended up being the party of the stereotypes. They have mastered the art of “profiling” at all their party gatherings. They somehow think that including people of all types, makes their organization better – it does not. This does allow them to “capture” the hearts and minds of the people they desire to keep them in power.

The Republicans use a similar strategy but not in the racist way that the Democratic left does. They are looking for the producers, movers, and shakers that provide the money and innovation that makes the economy work. Democrats are looking for the people they can “purchase” with government handouts. That is how Obama was able to be reelected despite one of the worst administrations in the history of mankind.

I think we should throw all of this “inclusive” (stereotyping) language out of the party platforms. We will never be united as a nation as long as we “highlight” our differences. I propose a new party that is based upon shared values not on the color of ones’ skin or the size of ones’ bank account. The Democratic left has constructed such a large welfare state that they now must depend upon taking from the rich and letting the federal government “give” it to the people they started  placing in the “Plantations” around 1964. What is a “Plantation” you ask? – a public housing project. How much time have you spent in “the projects”? Ask someone who lives there what kind of life they have.

Just as Planned Parenthood was started to rid the country of poor people through abortion, the “projects” were designed to isolate poor people into one area of the city. This was “supposed” to help people by giving them a “hand up” not a “hand out” but it has enslaved millions of people. Look at the numbers of deaths in our “projects”, even that is mostly blacks killing blacks. Doesn’t that accomplish the same thing that abortion does? Blacks believe the Democrats are their friends when exactly the oppose is true.

A values based party would not tolerate treating a whole class of citizens as sub-human. This party would include people of all colors but would not attempt to “buy” their vote. The shared value of a high quality education for everyone would be a goal. The shared value of the dignity of human life from inception to death would be a goal. The shared value of the protection of children from sexual predators would be a goal. The shared value of a traditional American family would be a goal. The shared value of rewarding the efforts of the high producers would be a goal. The shared value of encouraging and rewarding all people in the work force would be a goal. Teamwork at all levels would be valued.

The next time someone starts giving you the PC version of “inclusion” and “multi-cultural”, understand what it is – they want to improve your ability to “racially profile” others. They want to “blame” the people with the money for all of our problems. Hitler did the same thing – he blamed the Jews (the people with the money).

I will be “thinking” more about how this might work as we look forward to replacing Obama in four long years.

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